Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne, Swizz Beats - I Can Transform Ya

Who else’s video would I post today? Huh?

Ok, so Chris BREEEZY. I defended him. I didn’t defend his actions, but I felt like I needed to know what provoked this kid. Nobody was really speakin on the subject. Why not? Not Rihanna, not CB, not family, friends, and people in the industry…nobody. So of course that aroused my suspicions. What did Rihanna do that made Chris just flip like this? Some say it was a simple over grillin of Chris’s female friends. Some say there was more, that she may have given him herpes. Whatever the case, I still listen to his music. This is kinda conflicting. I don’t feel like I’m supporting domestic violence because the man has made peace with the people he needed to…which is basically Rihanna and her family. Everyone else is secondary and don’t matter. Like LZ Granderson is a senior writer and columnist for ESPN The Magazine and he wrote an article (here) about why he can’t dance to Chris Brown’s music just yet. And I read it and I thought “ok, I can kinda respect that.” But to me, Chris DOESN’T owe us an apology. He doesn’t have to say what he did. We know what he did, he knows what he did. If Chris does an interview and says "Honestly, I would just like to get past it. At the end of the day, I'm sorry for what I did, whatever it is." then let him be (that’s from the latest Rolling Stone). Why are we throwing it in his face like he’s the new poster boy for domestic violence? This is an issue bigger than Chris Brown and instead of askin about his involvement in the dispute, ask him about what he’s doin to make the issue of domestic violence more known (some of the proceeds from his new tour are going to nonprofit that helps victims of domestic violence). I’m not Rihanna’s dad, so I can’t harbor ill will towards a man that has apologized. Besides all that, this single sucks. Sayin that you can transform a girl is not the best lead-off with images of Rihanna’s mangled face still fresh in our minds. Red lips, red dress? Oh he’s putting in work on that chick…And Lil’ Wayne’s verses are BORING! Young money sounds old and stale.

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