Monday, October 26, 2009

ESPN reporter cheats on wife

If I ever cheat on my wife, it’s gonna be with a woman who is hot. She doesn’t have to be hotter than my wife, but if my wife seen her she’d be like “yeah, I could see why he’d fuck with her. He does have good taste in women.” Look at this busted ass bitch. And she was crazy, smh. And I’m tired of women using their pussy to get power and then when shit goes sour they try to ruin the man. Fuck that shit. You knew what you were gettin yourself into when you spread your legs (or is that, you knew what was getting into you – owwwwww) so why try to play victim after all is done? I think if anyone sleeps with their boss, they should be waived for any pay raises or promotions. I think that should be a law. That way people think twice about fuckin with their bosses. Career or sex life? Which one will suffer?

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