Monday, October 26, 2009

Black In America

CNN redesigned their site and have different sections of the news like ‘Tech’, ‘Travel’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Politics’…and ‘Latino in America’. What the fuck??? Why the Latinos get a special shout out? Fuck em! Blacks been here longer (legally lol). Why don’t they get a ‘Black in America’ section? You know why? Because CNN wouldn’t be able to do it justice. So I’ma have my own section on the Rant called ‘Black in America’ where I try to help out the minority group that still gets the short end of the stick. And the first thing I’m gonna do is teach you how to stick it to the pigs aka cops. Here is why you don’t need to talk to the cops:

I hoped you paid attention out there. There is a difference between not speakin to the cops and not snitching. Don’t say a word to the cops. Don’t say “you don’t know anything” and think you saved your ass by not snitchin because if they find out you do know somethin they’ll pin you for lying (ask Lil’ Kim). Crazy world.

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