Thursday, October 1, 2009

Only in America can you make a poll about killing your leader

I think the idiot that created the poll should be arrested. If he can’t be put on trial for making threats to the President then how bout sentencing him for stupidity? With all the racism that has been spewed from just about everyone since January, WHY the fuck would he think this poll was a good idea? I want his or her name to be released. I know I just spoke on privacy issues, but this is more of a punishment rather than figuring out if the person is a whore. I want their life to be miserable for this mistake. I know we all make mistakes, but this is just a terrible lapse of judgment. Why would you even think about the leader of your country being killed…correction, because a lot of people don’t like their leaders. So why would you discuss it in a public forum? If you and your redneck, tea bagging friends want to have private convos on killin the President, that’s your Right. But don’t pull no stupid shit and be shoutin it in public. I mean Facebook is about as public as it gets. More people check FB than the fuckin news for cryin out loud.


  1. Overreact much?

    Pretty transparent double standard here tenent, if this poll was raised for Palin, Bush, Hillary, etc theres no way you would overreact like this.

    Planning an assassination, and putting up some bullshit FB poll are two entirely different things.

  2. Did you read what I wrote? There is no overreaction here because how many KNOWN attempts on the President's life have already been been thwarted? Not to mention all the the increased hate towards him. This isn't Bush during his mishandled Iraq War. This is true hate because we have people like Glenn Beck, Rush, and others who are calling our President racist. Saying he doesn't like white people. They are getting the same people who thought Obama was a terrorist riled up again.

    PEOPLE ARE PLANNING ASSASSINATIONS, the last thing you need is a poll instigating it. Wow, that comment makes me feel like you're way outta touch with whats going on.

  3. Also, I expect more from you, you are in the media. You should be able to identify the illogical rantings of idiots like Glen Beck and Rush as a transparent attempt to keep from being called racists themselves.

    They are quite obviously calling Obama a racist to preemptively protect themselves from being called racist.

  4. That's not the poinnnnnnnnt. You and I know how dumb people are and love to be force fed information. We know the President isn't racist...his mama is white for crying out loud. But there are a bunch of ignorant folks who linger onto every word they say as the truth. Do I really have to post up a video from last year's campaign period on why some people didn't like Obama?