Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taxes pay for death row inmate's surgery

How a muthafucka on death row got better medical coverage than me? Obama needs to fix that shit. I want NO health care for inmates on death row. THEY’RE ON DEATH ROW – THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DIE!!! And the man is a monster so his face matches his heart. Matter of fact, I think anyone who commits a heinous act they should have their faces disfigured. It would be part of the sentencing and the jury would decide on whether to disfigure or not. And for the old people, ay man, prison ain’t a damn retirement home. When them muthafuckas is 80, throw them back out on the streets. Don’t give em shit, just open the gates, shuffle them through, and close the gates. Most likely they’ll be dead in 24 hours (unless if they’re mob related).

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