Monday, October 26, 2009

Madoff investor dead

It appears that the recession is still killin off people…or at least causing them to commit suicide. Jeffry Picower, 67, was found unconscious in his pool at his Palm Beach, Florida, home. Jeff was an investor with Madoff and may have been workin with Madoff to rip people off. You wanna know what’s really crazy? If the recession didn’t hit, these types of people would still be makin money off the innocent, ignorant, and greedy. I’m pretty sure there are others workin a different sector of the economy that are wiping their brow because they haven’t been exposed yet. Now imagine how much harder it’s goin to be to catch them now that they have wised up. Anyways, Jeff’s death is still being investigated so we don’t know if it was a homicide or suicide or karma. Stay tuned.

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