Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well atleast they are getting the fame

Well, can’t knock a man for tryin to get his hustle on…but did he really have to get the media and police involved? There is fuckin YouTube. He coulda made a viral series outta this or somethin – it sounds like he’s full of great ideas. I think it’s totally hilarious that his son sold him out. Like, aren’t you supposed to rehearse all this with your kids first before you get them involved? Obviously that family isn’t the brightest of the bunch in the neighborhood. I wonder if I have a built-in ‘BS’ meter, because while everyone was updating their twitters and Facebook statuses when the event was occurring…I didn’t give two shits. EVEN with a kid bein involved. Interesting.


  1. funny that you just wrote that you feel like all kids should be protected, but you didn't give a shit about this one.

    I think that the whole balloon boy hoax was HILARIOUS! Did you see him projectile vomit on tv?! CLASSIC.

  2. i don't know, somethin just told me that this story wasn't right. I mean in all the years on this earth, no child has ever properly made a contraption to float into the air. Not sayin it can't be done, but they would certainly need an adults help...and what adult would make something that their child could float away in?

    lmao, didn't see the video, I'm gonna look for it

  3. woooooow he threw up on TWO different show tapings. Talk about exploitation. I wonder if the parents will be charged with child exploitation..if it's a law.

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