Thursday, October 1, 2009

Snitching? There’s an app for that.

I’m all for the iPhone apps and the amazing ability it has given the phone to go from just making calls, to pretty much doing ANYTHING you need it for (girls, I’m workin on a vibrator app so that you can get your freak on discreetly). But the problem is that it is kinda getting outta hand and I’m just worried about when it will infringe on someone’s privacy. There is an app to find registered sex offenders in your area. That’s cool. Prolly helps a lot of parents to sleep at night. But I’m wondering what other crime fighting apps are there? Is there a hit and run app? Takes the picture of the car leaving the scene then sends it to all patrol cars in a 10 mile radius? That’s kinda gangsta…copyrighting that too bitches!!! Ok, so the snitching apps might be a cool thing (not for me though, I don’t condone snitching) but what happens if someone decides to make a “neighborhood whore” app? And it lists all the girls in the area that like to fuck? Damn, I wish I had that app in high school…Ok, Apple won’t sell it on iTunes store, but what about those jail broken phones with jail broken apps? What’s to stop someone from creating that (outside of legal repercussions, but I’m pretty sure there are loop holes to keep them from going to jail)?


  1. Too late, there's already a vibrator app. It even warns you the liquidy substances can damage your iPhone

  2. then i'll make one and sell it with a "splash" guard!

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