Monday, October 12, 2009

Homeowner sues cops for shooting him

Wow, talk about disturbing. But I’m pretty sure if I was a cop and I saw a white female at the door, there is no question that the brown skinned man with a gun HAD to be the intruder. I know she said her husband was the one with the gun but what if this El Nacho Libre lookin guy wrestled the gun from the real homeowner and pinned him on the ground with it while she was at the door? I would assume that’s probably what happened and I too would open fire on the man 6 times without any type of warning. It’s either kill or be killed…most likely kill, but there have been few instances where cops have been killed for hesitating. Well it’s a good thing Tony lived because if he had died, they prolly woulda changed the name to the Tony Arambula Police Department. Hmmm, TAPD does have a good ring to it though. Great thing about being a cop is the lack of repercussions. The police force is the only job in the world where you can take a man’s life and still keep your job. I wonder if the police force is a subdivision of the military.

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