Wednesday, October 7, 2009

David Letterman still makes jokes

Now first thing first, Letterman wasn’t married when he had those relationships sooooo technically he was just cheatin on his girlfriend, and who hasn’t done that before? Shit, I cheat on my girlfriend right after sex. I be sextin (dirty texting) the next girl immediately!!! No but seriously, I don’t know what kinda person wants to damage another person’s relationship like that. This ain’t a soap opera; you don’t need to sabotage anyone for any reason unless it’s personal. This wasn’t the case. It was capitalism working hard in the heart of another American. That’s why he did it, not to help out Letterman’s wife but to make money. That’s why he blackmailed him. If he was truly sincere he shoulda just mailed Letterman’s wife all the damning evidence and let it play out in private. Greedy bastard. I hope he gets the 15 years.


  1. I thought the chick Letterman was banging was the girlfriend of the dude who tried to blackmail him. I heard she lived with the guy, but had a diary detailing her & Dave's escapades.

  2. She might have been one, but i think it was a lot more girls

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