Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh should get rammed instead

There are reports (sorry no link) that Rush Limbaugh is tryin to buy part of the St. Louis Rams. Yeaaaaaa, how about no thanks. I’m pretty sure there are some racist NFL owners who just see blacks as dollar signs but I’d rather have them than have an outta the closet racist own a team. He’ll prolly be in the owner’s box makin statements like “look at how hard those niggers run for me and make my money”. Damn the whole NFL might be on some slavery type shit. Puttin niggas on the auction block, and trading them. I know they pay them…but where the hell does the money go? Why are 80% of them bankrupt in just 3 years after leaving the league? There is some conspiracy going on over here and I don’t like it!!! Actually, I don’t really care. But fuck Rush. I don’t think he should own a social security number let alone anythin else he’s been blessed with. I think makin money off hate is worst than sellin drugs to someone.

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