Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waitresses forced into sex trade

Damn did she forget that Diddy lives there too? He’s the reason the Hamptons are on the map. Those low key white people don’t talk about where they live and throw parties!!! Anyways, what kinda nigga has threesomes with minors? That ain’t pimpin. Why was he released with his balls intact? What the hell is second degree and third degree rape? He didn’t nut or somethin? He bought them dinner? I guess they don’t call it a ‘strip’ mall for nothin. Well I’m glad those girls have been rescued even though the damage has been done. It kinda makes you wonder about your significant other…if she has skeletons she hasn’t disclosed. You kinda feel like there are a lot of women silently carryin this burden of being abused. More numbers than are reported or people would admit. Are people really that sex driven that they would strip another person of their dignity? I wish I could make dolls that were damn near human. I would sell them for cheap if it meant saving someone’s life. Hell, I would even make some that resembled children. Of course idiots would say that I’m PROMOTING child molestation by creating sex dolls in the form of kids but I would say the pervs are gonna molest a child whether I make a doll or not. At least let them do it to an “emotionless” doll that won’t grow up fucked up. And Nancy Grace needs to simmer down. All that shoutin isn’t necessary; we’re all appalled.

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