Monday, August 31, 2009


DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) died this past weekend. Right now it looks like an overdose on prescription pills. I’m pretty sure he was still haunted by the pain and memories of that flight that took basically everyone’s life except his and good friend, Travis Barker. I still think that’s some sucker shit though. Like I said after the coroner’s report on MJ’s death, these people need to be monitored. If Britney’s dad ain’t step in and take over her life I’m pretty sure she’d be dead too. Where are the families of celebrities who are on the edge and need help? Seriously, ODing on drugs was cool back when hardcore narcotics were new to the game and people wanted to push the limits of their high. Now I’m pretty sure people should know the limits and err on the side of LIFE instead of DEATH. Remember when T.O. overdosed last year? Lol. I wish that was on his reality show.

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