Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna are the '09 Ike and Tina.

Chris Bezzy was sentenced today. He has to do some bullshit community service. I don’t understand how you can be on felony probation and not have served anytime. If you’re a felon, you gotta do time right? How you get FELONY charges and just be walkin the streets? Well the real shocker (even though it’s not really a shocker) is that this isn’t the first time Brown has fought with Rihanna. Two other unreported instances have came to light (I guess Ri Ri started snitching after the February incident). One time in Europe, Rihanna had slapped Chris and he shoved her into a wall. Another time they were arguin in a rented Land Rover in Barbados and he pulled the car over and got out. He ended up breakin the front door, and smashing the passenger window. It’s funny how we put celebrities on a pedestal above regular people when at the end they aren’t any smarter than Joe the Plumber. That’s some real loser type shit of Rihanna to be with a guy that is violent when angry. She has all the money and looks (if you can get past her 5-head which she has stylishly covered with her hair cuts) but still hangs out with someone like Chris Brown. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Tons of guys would treat her properly. Maybe it’s her daddy’s fault. He didn’t hug her enough as a child. I mean, it’s Chris Brown step daddy’s fault he’s abusive since his step dad beat up his moms. I hate to sound like I’m better than anyone or I’m perfect but I never understood why I live this mediocre life and idiots run around rich and shit. Maybe I should play the idiot and get some of this money.

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