Tuesday, August 4, 2009

College grad sues alma mater

Tina Thomson of NY is suing her alma mater because she still doesn’t have a job, and she’s been outta school for 3 months. I hate to stereotype (nah, I’m kiddin. I love it), but I wanna say Tina is black. Here is my deductive reasoning. A) Black people like to sue for some bullshit. B) White people don’t embarrass themselves by puttin their name out there. C) I don’t know any white Tina’s (unless it’s Christina) and Thomson’s (unless it’s the guy that makes the English muffins). Either way, Tina is a fuckin idiot. First off, there is no job guarantee clause in your college application. Secondly, it’s only been 3-months. The average time span on findin a job outta school is 6-months unless you work with a company you’ve done intensive co-ops/internships with. Thirdly, her GPA was a 2.7!!! At Monroe college. I don’t know much about the school, but the tuition per semester is roughly $6K makin it $12k a year. So a 2.7 GPA at a school that cost less than Ford Focus. Yeahhhh. She received a bachelor of business administration degree in information technology. What the fuck is that? Is she in IT or is she in business? Is she administering the business of the IT department? All these fluffier degrees that colleges create for their students who don’t know what the fuck to do with their lives are retarded. It’s all about the pigeon hole. Get a real ass bachelors degree, then branch out with your Masters. Good thing she didn’t go for Pre-Law.


  1. LMAO @ her degree. Good post, but white people sue for dumb stuff too. More so than blacks imo. What about the lady who sued McDonalds cause the coffee burnt her or the chick that sued them because she was fat? LOL

  2. Very true, i doubt blacks know the law well enough to file a "poor persons order", which basically exempts her from all legal fees!