Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coroner says Jackson overdosed on sleeping drug

Well, at least Mike won’t complain about not gettin sleep anymore...shake MY FUCKING HEAD!!! WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!! Is it necessary for a celebrity to have a drug problem? Why the fuck aren’t there more regulations to protect these people. I equate a celebrity to someone with a mental retardation. These muthafuckas don’t know right from wrong. They need caregivers!!! How you gonna end your legacy on an overdose? FUCK!!! Just like the rest of them Mike, what the fuck man. I knew it was drugs, but to hear it just fucks with me. I still can’t say aloud that “Michael Jackson is dead.” It just fucks with me. FUCK. Fuck that doctor. Kill his ass. Give him some sleepin medication. Idiot. Matter of fact, send him to jail. In the Philippines. Next time the inmates do a tribute, Conrad can play the bitch.

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  1. how would regulations help?

    I will use the same logic that prooves gun control doesn't work.

    1) Pass a law banning assult rifles.
    2) Criminal get's assult rifle anyway because they don't care about breaking the law.
    3) People die.

    If people want drugs (legal or illegal) badly enough they will get them. Passing silly 'laws' and 'regulations' does nothing but waste tax payer money.