Thursday, August 13, 2009

African Taliban has a better ring to it

I owe an apology to Mrs. Clinton. Couple days ago I came at her neck sayin that she was unstylish and frumpy lookin. Well after her visit to the Motherland epicenter (that’s Nigeria), I gotta say she’s lookin pretty good enough to eat….ok, well maybe not that far. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Nigeria warning that Al Qaeda might try to infiltrate the country due to its radical Muslims livin there. She also mentioned that Nigeria is doing well to fight corruption but really needs to step their game up. I mean when a country pulls in 300 billion in revenue from oil and still has dirt roads, somebody is fuckin up. And of course it’s easy to blame the black man…niggas don’t know what to do when they get money. Buy spinning rims and put it in their chandeliers. But I also blame the white man. Because he knows what corruption money can get him and instead of takin the high road and makin sure the money is allocated properly, he’ll grease the palm of a sweaty African so that he can dump waste in the ocean. Or build pipelines through villages without any compensation. So while I do applaud the efforts of S.O.S Clinton, she does need to fall back a little and really look at what’s goin on.

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