Monday, August 31, 2009

Can Sen. Ted Kennedy rest in peace?

Last week Sen. Ted Kennedy passed away after his courageous battle with brain cancer. And at first I was going to say “RIP” and the whole bit, but then I heard the story about the pregnant women that drowned after Ted drove off the road and into the river (or lake). I’m not gonna give you the total history behind it (that’s what Google is for) but from what I understand he was drunk and he didn’t report the incident till the next day. There is also a rumor that the girl was preggers with his child (and Teddy was already married). I don’t really know how a drunk person can save themselves but a pregnant woman can’t. Was she unconscious? Either way there were a lot of questions and not enough answers and that pretty much DESTROYED Ted’s chances of ever running for President…which is prolly a good thing considering what happened to his older brothers. But because of all that crap, I can’t really say Rest in Peace because it’s obvious he can’t. Not with the public at least. Maybe he made amends with himself, God, and the girl’s family so they can say “RIP”. But I can’t. And we’ll leave it at that because I’m against talkin bad about the dead when they weren’t convicted of anything or haven’t done anything to me personally – that’s still tacky.

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