Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Right to bear arms, breasts, and anythin else

Why didn’t I get the memo? Fuck. I ain’t did shit either on Sunday. I coulda been out lookin at some tittays. I don’t even care about the age; 18-year old tit is as good as 60-year old tit in my book. Lmao. Alright anyways, freedom is a tricky word that gets used very loosely at times. People always think that they have the “freedom” to do whatever they want. It’s why they are in America. But to be honest, our freedoms are very conditional with the biggest condition bein that your freedom doesn’t interfere with someone else’s freedom or the freedoms of the greater society. So while that chick with the black lipstick wants to be free to sunbath nude, my eyes want to be free of any visuals that will make my stomach sick. Not everyone wants to see 60-year old titty. Not all wives are gonna be happy with their hubbys lookin at 18-year old titty. And because you can’t discriminate one age verses another, nobody can show their titties. There are beaches that don’t have an issue with nudity so go find those, they really aren’t hard to find in So Cal. Just make sure you invite me along, owwwwwwwwwwww.

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  1. I'm all for it dude, let em go topless! The more the merrier, anyone who complains, we'll kick their arse!