Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LeBron gets it wrong

You know, I choose my favorite players on how well they play the game and not necessarily their personalities or off camera antics. That’s why I like T.O., that’s why I like LeBron. And because of that separation I distinguish between the personas, I have no problem callin out a bitch move when I see it. And this interview was definitely a bitch move. Ok, James there is 82 games in the regular season and if you don’t shake hands that’s fine because it’s just one game and you’ll prolly play that team again. But it was the playoffs and this team just beat you in the Conference Finals. You don’t have to show respect, do what you like, but don’t come with some weak ass excuse on why you didn’t shake hands. Just be a man and say “fuck Dwight and the Magic. We shoulda won but I had a bullshit squad. But I’ll see them next year, ight?” If he said that and kept it movin, yes it’s poor PR but IT’S REAL!!! Now he looks like an even bigger jerk with his canned statement. Same goes with the explanation of bein dunked on. JUST MAKE LIGHT OF THE SITUATION!!! You got dunked on. Laugh it off. WHO IS GONNA CALL YOU OUT?? You’ve dunked on pretty much EVERYONE in the league. Stop actin like a lil bitch.

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