Monday, November 30, 2009

Weed saves autistic boy's life

Um, ok. Sounds plausible. Weed does give you the munchies and if he wasn’t eatin then I could see that being a good side effect. But he’s makin noises now? I don’t know what kinda weed does that. Did she lace the brownies with PCP because it sounds like the boy is trippin out. Am I for the legalization of weed? I don’t participate in the passin of the Ganga or whatever the kids call it nowadays. And I don’t believe the hype that it’s a gateway drug. To me drugs are like tattoos. People have their personal reasons for gettin involved but they are solely responsible for how far they take it. Like a person with 100 tattoos WANTED 100 tattoos. They didn’t get one tattoo and say “hmm, I want more tattoos now.” No, they wanted 100 tattoos before they got the first one. They envisioned it before it happened. So anyone that wants to try coke will try coke. They may take baby steps by smoking weed first or doin mushrooms but eventually they will get to coke. Nobody smokes weed and says “hmm, now I want to snort something.” The only reason the government won’t legalize it is because weed is impossible to track. And by track I mean tax. Sure they’ll get some money from taxing people with huge weed farms, but what about the local growers? And you know what skin color those local growers will be? Black and brown. The white man doesn’t like the thought of that at all. The only time a black person can be wealthy in America is when they are being paid by the white man. That’s what makes Oprah so dangerous. The fact she is owns her own TV channels now and is no longer gonna be ABC’s (or whatever station she’s affiliated with) cash cow is makin some people jittery. Praise to Oprah for escaping slavery. But back to weed. It won’t be legalized because you’ll have too many rich black people. What the government fails to recognize is if there is one group that can cure the recession, its black people. They love living outside of their means. And if you legalized weed and had just 100 rich drug dealers…the United States of America would own China. Not only would we pay off our debts but we would buy so many bootleg products from them, we would be their biggest consumer. Amazing how I went from an autistic child to GDP.

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