Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rihanna on her Mr. Roger's game

Before we jump to the Ri-Ri pics, I got into a debate, which turned out to be just an argument at the end, with someone about Chris Brown’s career. They had just finished watchin Rihanna’s interview and felt that CB was done for. They said CB wouldn’t rebound and he would fade away. I disagreed, showin the person that celebrities bounce back all the time and society tends to forgive and forget when it doesn’t directly involve them. I didn’t realize some people were just sooo emotional…anyways everyone agreed with my point and disagreed with the emo I was talkin to. But how do ya’ll feel? Do you think CB is done deaded or can the 19 year old singer still bounce back and become a world superstar like he once was (and in my opinion, still is)? Anyways, here is Rihanna lookin terrible with that golden hair. What is she? A Greek goddess? Halloween was two weeks ago boo boo – wash that shit out.


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