Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chris Brown - Crawl

Chris Beezy is still my neezy regardless of what the world says about him. I just heard reports that Rihanna used to hit him…now if that ain’t some double standard bullshit I don’t know what is. Chris Brown only about 5 pounds heavier than Rihanna…and do you see all the spiked jewelry she be wearin? I’m pretty sure she’s fucked that boy up too…but yes, he did take it way too far. And dumpin her on the side of the road wasn’t smart either. But he’s apologized, and is takin the steps needed to get better. So I’ll fuck with Chris until he strikes again…get it? “Strikes” again? Hahahahaha. New video with Cassie:

Um, no bitch looks good with half her head shaven. None. So all you other girls emulating this wack ass look: STOP IT!!!

1 comment:

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