Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Discharged from the army after coming out

So I’m totally confused…why can’t there be gays in the military? If a fag wants to serve his country (and not in a gay way) then what’s the issue? Better him than me!!! I ain’t built for no military. The worst outcome is I run into a gay dude that is trained in hand to hand combat and he takes me down…more like forces me down. Yuck. All jokes aside, I can’t believe this is still an issue. If he can shoot, kill, save lives, and all that other good shit, then why discharge him (or her)? I’m really lost by what the fear is of gays in the military. It’s already been proven that they aren’t the creator of AIDS, they don’t make others gay (maybe more confident to come out but they don’t have a gay stone that makes straight people look for the same sex). Maybe my gay friends, hOmar and hOfi aka Gay Tonys, can provide some insight. Are gay people with guns not as scary as straight people with guns?

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