Thursday, November 5, 2009

Child leaves messages after death

You don’t have to watch the entire video, just up until they interview the parents.

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT??? Seriously. When they found the latest note in the coloring book, I got chills. Why can’t adults be this thoughtful and loving? The world would be such a great place! I’m comin off extra mushy and I don’t care. Sick of hearing about Jon & Kate, or how Obama isn’t fulfilling his duties, or how some sicko did something sick. It’s tiring. I could never be a real news reporter. So depressing. Even though the girl died, she still left behind something that continues to put a smile not just on the faces of her family members, but anyone that hears this story. And she’s inspired her parents to do more. It’s amazing that a child can get more accomplished in death than most adults living.

1 comment:

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