Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't worry about 2012...

Man o man, will The Rant survive into 2010??? I mean last week was like the first week I didn’t post ANYTHING really. It didn’t even cross my mind until Friday that I hadn’t done shit. But I’m getting bored with reporting the “news”. It’s all the same. Death, death, corruption, and some tits at the end. How can anyone be pissed off anymore? Nothin surprises me. I don’t know how news anchors do it day in and day out…well, correction. If I was gettin PAID for this shit then yes, I would continue to deliver. But to do this shit for free? Boring. Oh well, enjoy it while you can. And feel free to visit too, I think that site has some potential (at least for a year before it gets boring too lol).

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