Friday, November 13, 2009

Marines are having a good day...

Another person havin a bad day is Steve Burton of Los Angeles, CA. It appears that Stevie wanted to impress people at his high school reunion, so he created this mystical life (blog and all) about serving in the Marines. He showed up with a crazy amount of medals of honor and valor and all that good stuff. Only problem is someone at the reunion was really in the Navy and knew that one of the medals (Navy Cross) wasn't handed out lightly and thought it was suspect for Steve to have one. So she took a picture with Steve and sent that shit to the FBI!!! HAHAHAHAHA GRIMEY!!! So the FBI investigated and found him to be a now he's pleading not guilty but i think he's fucked. His life partner declined to comment about the situation. Hmmm, his partner (of 18 years). Maybe he was in the Marines and was discharged because of his sexual preference??? Or maybe he's not gettin the dick at home so he wants to go to jail, hahahahaha.


1 comment:

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