Monday, November 30, 2009

The Tiger has been running wild

So there are rumors circulating Tiger Woods and the reason for his car crash this past weekend. A lot of tabloids are sayin that Tiger might be havin his nine iron stroked by another caddie. Her name is Rachel Uchitel and the National Enquirer broke the news (read it here). Now I know…the National Enquirer isn’t one to be trusted. I mean, I read the article a while ago but in light of the car crash and this interview…somethin is fishy:

There was no alcohol involved? So what then? Did he get his ass beat by his wife? Is Tiger afraid of losing sponsorships? My brother made a point that I want to share: what the fuck has Tiger done that makes him above the law and above an investigation? He can decline to speak to cops now? Public property was damaged so he HAS to speak to cops. If this had been any Negro (a pure Negro, not a hybrid) please believe they woulda spent a night in jail. But this mutt with his Swedish white woman for a wife gets a “Get Outta Jail Free” card. Bullshit. I’m leaning more to he’s just embarrassed by the whole situation. I mean his wife had a golf club…how you get your ass beat with your own tool? He’s so used to whacking balls with it that it musta felt shameful to be on the other end of the stroke hahahahaha. I think she beat his ass in the house, he tried to flee, crashed into a couple things and she chased him down to continue the assault. Realized where she was not in a trailer park and decided not to fuck him up anymore. I heard one of the 911 calls and it wasn’t from Mrs. Woods…sooooo did she even call?

Rachel is the brunette


  1. Why does he have to talk to the cops? It was a traffic accident? Since when are you required to give a statement for a traffic accident? All you're required to do is provide your license and insurance info. People are going way overboard with the whole "who is Tiger to turn away the cops" thing.

  2. ??? If you damage public property you have to give a statement. If you damage someone else's property then you work out between them but you still give a statement to the cop so you have witnesses when you turn over paper work to your insurance...don't bring no hood logic here!

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