Friday, November 13, 2009

Charla Nash can't see how bad her day is...

The first person having a Fucked Up Friday (pretty much every day is fucked for her) is Charla Nash – the woman who got FUCKED UP by her best friend’s chimpanzee that went berserk after drinkin wine and takin medication. This past week she revealed her face on Oprah. See the video here (warning, it’s not pretty in the least):

The good thing is that she can’t see how bad she looks. Seriously. Could you imagine waking up that face every morning? I would cry myself to death. Another good thing is she can’t go online and read what people are sayin. My comment may be negative but I’m totally serious, I would rather die than look like that. But other people might be just makin jest and poking fun, which isn’t cool. That woman is messed up. I hope she gets the money so she can regain some of her life.

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