Wednesday, November 11, 2009

J. Lo doesn't want ex to release video

If you’re strapped for cash, what do you usually do? Most people find another job or somethin but that’s not the case for J. Lo’s ex-hubby. Ojani Noa is tryin to release a video of him and J. Lo on their honeymoon. Lopez is filing a suit to keep it from comin out. It appears her and her lawyers want to look at the tape first and make sure it doesn’t make her look like the grimy bitch she is. What’s most likely gonna happen is J. Lo is gonna pay Noa not to release the tape and he can go about his merry life ballin outta control. Then when he’s strapped for cash, another video will surface. This will continue until he is ready to release the sex tape, and that’s when he’ll really get paid. Damn, why can I be a nobody who married and divorced a somebody and slowly extorts them for the rest of my life?

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