Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pass The A1

Everyone here should be familiar with T-Pain and his use of the autotune device that changes his voice. That’s because after the success Lil’ Wayne had with it on Lollipop, everybody and they momma tried to jump on the autotune bandwagon. Anyways, its use was being abused and Jay-Z called for a halt to using it on his track D.O.A. (see video here). Well this past weekend T-Pain was at Rehab (the club…no it’s an actual club in Vegas) and he was feelin himself a bit too much. See here:

Whoa Negro. I understand where he is comin from, because who is Jay to say when autotune is over and done with? But I would never diss Jay. Not because I would be afraid of what his response would be, because frankly Jay’s battle record is shaky at best. Lost to Nas…I don’t care what anyone says. Nas destroyed Jay. Lost to Cam…no response is equal to an ‘L’. Lost to Jadakiss…apologizing on the two way is not gangsta. Anyways, I wouldn’t diss Jay because the people love him. He’s like hip-hop savoir. Jay-Hovah as he used to be called. Also, people are sick of autotune, so for T-Pain to defend somethin not worth defending – like the dignity of crack head hooker – he really looks stupid. Even Faboulous came at T-Pain, which is the real point of my post (LMAO, wow this is dumb long and winded):

Ok, so I’m kinda confused on when Twitter became the official voice of hip-hop. Really? We gonna battle on Twitter now? Niggas ain’t even gonna try to make diss records any more? SUPER LAZY!!! I guess Fab eventually realized that T-Pain ain't talk shit about him because he changed his [auto]tune later:

I hate Twitter…but follow me on it anyways

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  1. Would be nice if there was actually something to click for that DOA video.