Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West has nothin on the Ol' Dirty Bastard

Let’s not forgot the most infamous award interruption.

And I’m not even mad at ODB. I mean it sucks to get overlooked when you’re makin great music. It’s one thing to think you’re makin great music and it’s another when the people think you are too. And then when you get snubbed? The politics are just too much at award shows. The right person never wins, that’s why I don’t watch them. I do want to see this year’s VMAs though. Funny how MTV has all the clips available on their site, but there are none on YouTube. Makes me wonder if the whole Kanye shit was staged…at least from Kanye’s and MTV’s side. The heartbroken look on Taylor couldn’t be fake otherwise she’ll be getting an Emmy too.

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