Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy Republican cheats on wife, and brags about it while mic is hot

Any Republican that talks about family values is havin an affair. Any man in power is prolly havin an affair because his power allows him to do so. That’s why I have to quit the blog before I get married…then again I’ll prolly end up marryin a woman who knows the deal and will let me cheat. This story is kinda crazy, I mean he’s 54 and the women are in their 30s CHEATING on their husbands. Like it would be one thing if he was pullin single bitches. But he’s pullin married ones. I’m never gonna get married. You just can’t trust women. They see that money or that power or that means to move up in life, and they fuck for it. Not all women, just the go getters. So maybe I’ll just marry a loser lol.


  1. Do you think Republican's are any worse than the Dem's when it comes to bribery? Because thats the most important issue here, not infidelity.

    The infidelity effects only the wife of the assemblyman, and the husbands of the lobbiest, while the bribery that took place effects everyone represented by the assemblyman.

  2. Hmmm good point. Because they didn't mention bribery, I'm not going to speak on it (even though there is a good 90% chance she was fuckin to get somethin, he might have been fuckin just to fuck).

  3. What's going on with these politicians?? I don't even think that it's happening MORE than it used to. I think that since it's such a hot topic now, people are going out of their way to uncover it. LoL

    That reporter was on his J-O-B trying to track down that assemblyman though! LoL soo funny.