Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are children safer now than before?

So I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while but just kept forgetting. What’s the deal with parents these days? Are they just stupid or just bad? Why are the constantly puttin their children in harm’s way? And I’m not talkin bout the usual ignorant ghetto or white trash. These are regular people that you think would be able to make sound decisions. Take for instance, high school kid with Facebook and MySpace pages. I understand that this is the new medium and forum for kids to keep in contact but didn’t anyone learn their lessons from the chat rooms of the late 90s? Back then everyone was anonymous and predators had to jerk off to pics your child sent (if your child was dumb enough to do so). Now we got girls with half their asses hangin out on YOUTUBE! And of course that same video is prolly linked to their MyFace page (that’s my hybrid word…easier than typin the two). Since when is this much overexposure good? Hell, half the celebrities can’t handle overexposure without goin into rehab. Another issue I have is with the cell phones. They’ve only been around for about 20 years and research is still inconclusive about whether or not the radiation can cause damage. I mean the chemicals that our parents have ingested during their early adulthood are startin to show up in our younger brother and sisters. ADHD, Autism, and the other increasing child learning disabilities are proof of that. Seriously, thank GOD for texting otherwise I’d hate to see what our children will look like in 20 years. Does an 8 year old really need a cell phone? Why isn’t he/she with an adult to begin with? I fear I may end up being that super overprotective parent…or at least just a very cautious one. And why not? A child is a huge investment. Probably the best investment. And if you take care of it, they will take care of you. Lol.


  1. I'm not convinced that things like Autism are actually occurring any more frequently than 20-30-50 years ago. It's just that now doctors are better equipped to diagnose such conditions.

    Back in the fifty's I bet a lot of cases of Autism were dismissed as the kid simply being 'retarded'.

    One thing I don't buy though is ADD, or ADHD or whatever the hell you want to call it. It's a crutch, a weakness, a loophole for people who want the easy way out.

  2. As a parent, I was about to say that I can see some use for an 8yr old with a cell phone. What if they're at a sleep over and you want to get in touch with them. But then I thought about it and why not just call the home they are suppose to be at, if you don't trust the people don't let them go over there. So let's scratch that thought.

    I agree with Colony though, I doubt that those medical "conditions" are more prevalent now, just able to be diagnosed easier. I also think that the ADD stuff is over inflated and that it's stunting the creativity of children. By today's terms, Beethoven probably had ADD

  3. Maybe the examples I gave were know I don't spend all day doing research. But you can google birth defects and they will give you a fine list of foods to avoid while preggers. Whatever the mom puts in her body effects the unborn child. There is no question on that.

  4. Most garbage people eat effects them negativly.

    I never understand why people doen't eat things like chicken, fresh vegetables, and fruits rather than KFC or Micky D's.

    Fresh food's aren't very expensive, especially when you factor in reduced medical costs since you will be much healthier for it.

  5. yeah, but its a different story if you have a family. factor your eating cost by 2 or 3 and tell me whats cheaper.

  6. I see your point. I'm not a parent yet but.. There is ALOT of questionable stuff I see popping up recently. My 8 year old cousin has a cell phone and I can't under or overstand the need for her to have one. I didn't even get a cell phone till I was a junior in undergrad! They going to school to a practice or after school then home. When you get in the house you call me if God forbid I didn't get to bring them there myself.... SMH

    As for those disease I have to agree ADD/ADHD is a bunch of bull. The statistics in other countries are FAR lower in the US As a mental health professional Ive worked with some of these kids and think to myself.. Mmmm this could of easily been me when I was younger. I seriously don't think there is anything wrong with these kids. But as far as some other diseases on one hadn I do believe there is somethin to be said for Doctors having a more open mind than they did in the 60s.. BUT... There are a lot of stuff that we haven't seen the long terms effects of yet.. Birth Control for one. And I have a co-worker who blames A LOT on similac (see: little girls who are hitting pueberty MUCH earlier these days)

    Then there is just BAD parenting.. two words: Twerk Team... **jumps off soapbox in disgust muttering in disgust**