Monday, September 21, 2009

Kids don't know who the first President was

Our kids are stupid…duh. What the fuck do you expect when you spend more money on fighting wars than education? And I don’t blame Bush, Republicans, or any one person in the demise of the quality in education today. Even as a young baby blogger I remember how schools would have to cut funding for certain programs. The way they were cutting funds back then, I’m truly surprised that we even have school buildings. I would have thought by now that everyone would be home schooled and work packets would be sent to the children’s homes and if the parents helped them that would be an added bonus. Our lack of education is what has really knocked our country down a couple notches on the leader board for powerful 1st world countries. We don’t develop and create things like we used to. We focus on makin more money than we need and have shifted away on developing things for the reason of social advancement. To say our future is doomed is probably a gross understatement. Hopefully Obama will be able to push for some kind of educational reform durin his next term (lol, oh yeah, he’s comin back).

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