Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye interrupts Taylor Swift (a lovely white girl)

Ok, ya’ll know how I feel about ‘Ye. I respect him in every aspect and all his actions whether it’s socially right or not. But this shit right here is totally disrespectful. It’s one thing do shit that affects you and you alone, but he interrupted Taylor’s moment. That shit is ridiculous. Did you see her face? He ruined her moment. There is no forgiving that. I mean Taylor will prolly win another moon man in her life (once she does some country pop), but still. Douchebag. I don’t know of any sane person who thinks what Kanye did was cool. EVERYONE and their MOMMMAS have called him out his name for that. I believe he apologized on Twitter but what the fuck is that? Yeah it’s public but I don’t find it to be the most sincere form. He should give her a beat. That’s love right there. No sickos, he should give her a beat like have sex with her…he has Amber to beat up (in slang, to “beat up” means to beat up the pussy. That’s good sex right there). He should produce one of her next tracks. Everyone has lashed out at him sayin he only did it to Taylor Swift because he could, meaning she’s a small white girl who wouldn’t have punched him in the face. They prolly right. He wouldn’t have let his drunkenness get the best of him if a stronger personality was onstage. And Beyonce still won Video of the Year. So what the fuck Kanye? What the fuck?
Dammmmmmmmn, is she smuggling Killer Tomatoes in that dress? Classy broad. Gotta love her.

*Update - Kanye was on the Jay Leno show and he apologized:

He shoulda blamed it on the alcohol. Because now it seems like he was in the right state of mind when he did it and that's just corny. Whatever. I still listen to R. Kelly, MJ, and Chris Brown...I'll most likely still listen to Kanye.

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  1. It was definitely wrong what he did and I don't approve, but I will say this: it gave Taylor a crazy boost in popularity. Sucks to have your moment stolen from you, but in the long run it probably helped her career more than hurt it.