Monday, September 21, 2009

Kanye West and Taylor Swift have the same agent

Last week the world bashed Kanye West for stealin the show at the VMAs. Well it has been uncovered that both Kanye and Taylor Swift have the same agent. This makes a lot of people believe the incident was staged. I’m leaning towards everyone but Taylor was in on it. To say that she isn’t tryin to increase her popularity and maybe crossover is a total lie. Let’s not forget that she did a rap video with T-Pain earlier this year. I’m pretty sure havin Kanye interrupt your award speech is definitely somethin she wouldn’t mind happen. Look at the setup. When most people are drunk at award shows, it’s more subtle. They don’t arrive on the red carpet brandishing some cognac. They usually go to the pre parties and drink up there. But in every single pic, Kanye was drinkin the Henny or passin it for someone else to take a swig. Then they sat him in the front row. It’s all very fishy to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if they admit to it being staged by the end of the year.


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