Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger's Woody

Another thing that is pissing me off is the Tiger Woods fiasco. Let me first start off by saying: Yes I’m glad he was caught. Cheating on your spouse is not cool. Yes, she should have beaten his ass for it. I think it’s a great thing that the media exposed him and I wish every cheater was exposed nationally when caught (I love that show Cheaters)…maybe they’ll think twice before stepping out. Now here are the issues I have with the fiasco. First, why hasn’t Ellin Woods been arrested for domestic violence? If Rihanna had cheated on Chris Brown with 9+ dudes, would he be justified for the trashing he gave her? Ellin Woods almost KILLED her husband. He crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree tryin to escape her. Yet the state of Florida hasn’t come forward to punish her. That’s bullshit. I know she’s hurting and what not but laws are laws correct? Maybe Chris Brown shoulda admitted to Rihanna giving him herpes (not sayin its true, just a strong rumor) or admitted to Rihanna hitting him first (also not sayin it true, just strong rumors. But what is true is that they had a violent relationship. She HAS hit him before). Then he wouldn’t look like such a bad guy. Another issue I have is with this home wrecking hoes. Yea, I know Tiger is the main villain but every villain has a sidekick (or 12 in Tiger’s case) that sticks with him no matter what. YOU DON’T RAT!!! Now I don’t know how the media figured out whom these other women are but I do know that it was because these women talked about it to SOMEONE, they were exposed. And to make matters worse, instead of just denying it some of them have came on TV or sold their story. Not only is it a despicable act to admit that you’re a home wrecking whore, but did you even think about Mrs. Tiger Uppercut and her kids? I applaud Rachel (the first one) for keepin silent about it until other women came forth…she then figured I need to make my cut too lol. But admitting to the nation rather than just your pastor that you slept with Tiger while he was married is just going to DESTROY Ellin. How can she even step outside anymore? Soooo embarrassing. Terribly embarrassing. It’s like does she wanna turn on the TV and risk seeing ANOTHER girl come forth? People look at her with that ‘pity’ look. So a big fuck you to the whores Tiger fucked. I hope you don’t get a penny and I hope your reps are tarnished. But then back to Tiger and for my next point I’ma quote 50 Cent. Not sure the source, someone sent it to me in my inbox - "Thirteen women and no condoms - you're a gambling man ain't you Tiger? Rappers use condoms often. Golfers apparently don't use condoms,” 50 Cent joked. “It’s interesting when you pick your women at Perkins. That’s why you get told on. When she tells it’s not really her fault, especially when you didn’t give her nothing and she’s at Perkins.” It appears that Tiger paid some of these women hush money but not all. That is a mistake. A bigger mistake is not fuckin with someone who has JUST as much to lose as you. That’s one thing dickheads never think about. They always want the easy piece of ass. If I was a BILLIONAIRE golfer like Tiger, I would only fuck with married Princesses lol. Seriously, that way she ain’t runnin her mouth because she’ll prolly be shot. Last but not least, the other irritant in this Woods Gate is of course the media. But it’s not the normal celebrity outlets I’m mad at. ESPN has added a Tiger spot on their ticker that scrolls at the bottom of the screen. Tiger has his own ticker mark. WHYYYYY? He’s not golfing. There is no reason for ESPN to report on anything Tiger related if it’s not about sports. Yesterday while at the gym, I was watching CNN on the screen and they brought in political advisors/public relations to give their thoughts on what Tiger should do to repair his image. Now, CNN has their own celebrity outlets…so leave that shit for them. Talk politics for crying out loud. Lord knows you have enough cheaters in that circle to repair.


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  2. damn it, i knew my blow up doll was actin mad suspicious when she would only inflate half way...

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