Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Global warming is happening...like for the past 5 million years

I’ve always thought global warming was a load of shit. Global warming has been occurring since the ice caps melted (remember the movie Ice Age? Based on true events). So this whole man-made acceleration shit just seemed like a method of control. Scare people into believing something so that you can force them to buy more useless shit. Plus, scientists are always reversing their ideas. One day broccoli is good for you, the next day it gives you colon cancer. They can never make up their minds. I’m pretty sure the global warming myth has been debunked but of course nobody wants that to come to light. No, because then you’ll have a bunch of smart guys with no jobs. That’s the problem with scientist that do research – once it’s done, they have to find something new IN THAT FIELD THAT THEY ARE IN. An Earth scientist couldn’t go and do research on DNA. He’s pretty much stuck in Earth science. And if he’s dedicated his life to just one topic…like global warming…then he’s truly shit outta luck once it is found that global warming is just a natural occurrence. That’s prolly why nobody has found a cure for cancer or AIDS. Once they complete that, what’s next? Pulitzer Prize and retirement? That would suck for some.

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