Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facebook continues to destroys itself

The first thing that’s pissing me off is Facebook. As many of you are aware, last week Facebook changed their privacy settings to basically make our profiles more public than before. Bad move Facebook. The originators and early followers of Facebook joined because you actually had to know the person you were tryin to stalk and couldn’t rifle through their photos without them ‘friending’ you first. This past week I have done my fair share of stalking ‘friends of friends’ and I’ve come to learn that I’m friends with a lot of girls with cute girl friends and guys with female friends with big tits (thank you Facebook for exposing this to me). This wouldn’t have happened if Facebook was still a college social network. No, but since we have a bunch of MySpace riffraff, Facebook can insult the intelligence of its users and expose them for being the idiots that they are rather than protect them. I’ve always said that in America the easiest way to make money is off of the ignorance of others. My privacy settings are legit. I got two unexpected friend requests and I FIXED THAT BITCH WITH THE QUICKNESS. Then again, I am a Facebook junkie so I wasn’t fooled with the whole privacy change up. As soon as the warning came up to fix settings, I spent an hour+ doing so. Just to make sure everything was like it was before. But I feel I have the right to complain, because I was there from the beginning. I needed my school email address before I could sign up. Some of these no network having bastards that have ruined a good thing don’t really have the right. Also people who misused Facebook also can’t complain. The purpose of Facebook was to connect with FRIENDS. PEOPLE YOU KNOW. Not the guy that smiled at you at the lunch table (who was prolly thinking about wearing your skin that night) or the big tittied bitch who looks hot as fuck (who is prolly some bald fat dude that likes to jerk off to profile pictures). Facebook was meant to connect with people you know. But obviously the idiot masses forgot that part. Such as Dan Gillmor at Mediaactive blog and Heidi N. Moore at The Big Money. Dan, who has deleted his account, admits to just accepting random friend request without thinking of repercussions and now wants to start over. Heidi complains that you can’t hide your friend list and she doesn’t want other people to know who she is friends with. I almost fell out my bed when I read that. You don’t want your friends to know who else your friends with? How SHADY does that sound? Now I don’t expect all your friends to be in the same social circle but you should be able to vouche for anyone you claim as a friend on Facebook. If you’re friending terrorist then I can see why you would want that hidden. Now, I’m no saint and yes I have people that I shouldn’t be friends with but I go through a cleaning process very often and defriend more people than I friend. Matter of fact starting this year, if I didn’t share a drink with you, I didn’t accept your friend request. I don’t know why you would want to friend someone you didn’t know and allow them access into your world. Oh yeah, I was never a big fan of hiding certain pictures from one group or making my wall available to certain “friends”. I left everything out in the open for anyone that became my friend on Facebook and that’s what prompted the scrutiny with friend requests. But like I was saying, I spent 2009 trying to reconnect and maintain friendships with “friends” on Facebook. 2010 is the year of the deletion. If I can manage to bring my friend count from 355ish down to 200 or less, I’ll be totally happy. I don’t need all those useless liabilities hanging around. If you’re a friend, then act like one. Understand what a social network is about and use it to your advantage. Stop tryin to boost your Facebook Stats by having the most friends or the most tagged pictures. You can’t complain about privacy when you weren’t enforcing your own to begin with!

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