Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Juelz Santana feat. Chris Brown - Back to The Crib

Time must heal all wounds cuz I was NOT fuckin with Juelz after the Dip Set fall out. But I think he might be on his way back up. And Chris Brown is still killin it.

Ok, so the blonde chick (Kimbella) is actually Santana’s boo. She said they met through him stalkin her on MySpace lol. It must be nice to be famous…when stalkin actually works for you and not against. When will I blow up? I’m really feelin this video and song because this is the swag that Juelz USED to have and was lost amongst the shuffle (or maybe my hateful heart didn’t wanna hear it). Rosa Acosta (the chick CB was all over) – BANGING!!! Now, Rosa and CB are good friends and just friends. How do I know this? Well CB and Soulja Boy worked together on the Graffiti album (I gotta figure out with track because the whole album is nice) annnd it appears that Rosa is engaged to SB. That’s right. This 19 year old not only is an overnight sensation with millions to his name, but he has one of the baddest video vixens to ever step in front of the camera. I need a beat machine and wack rhymes ASAP!

My only gripe with the video is the fact that Tony Gayo and Lloyd Tanks are in the video. That G-Unit connection is still like pouring salt in a wound. The only reason I posted this video after seein those two clowns was because of the women and because Chris Brown really kills the hook..

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