Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Son beats up dad for snoring

WTF!!! HAHAHAHAHA. THE WORLD IS SOOOO FUCKING CRAZYYYYY. How you gonna beat up your dad for snoring? If your dad is snoring that means he’s been workin hard to keep that roof over your head and food in your mouth…and you gonna disturb his sleep? Had to be a white boy. If this had been a black dad, he would have one less child after being woken up so rudely.


  1. Wow... that's gotta be cause by some sort of chemical imbalance.
    But abuse must be okay in his household, cuz where would he get the idea that it's OK to hit his parent?? Smdh

  2. yes, i think the chemical imbalance was melanin deficiency. It wouldn't have went down in a black household..maybe (just maybe) a shooting would have occurred, but not fisticuffs.

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