Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods' should just come clean...

Tiger Woods is no longer a Tiger but a Cheetah, lol. That was a friend’s status message. The Tiger jokes are just rollin in. Like what’s the difference between a golf ball and an Escalade? Tiger can drive a golf ball but not an Escalade. Some people call Elin (Tiger’s wife), Sagat from Street Fighter because she performed a “TIGGGGER UPPERCUT” lmao! Anyways, word has it that Oprah has reached out to Tiger for an interview and I’m kinda confused on why. First off, I’m not an Oprah fan. I respect her charitable work and shit like that, but as far as her personality goes she’s a business woman first and a feminist second. She acts like she’s all about empowering women and shit like that but let’s be real for a second. Why on earth would you bring Tiger Woods on your show to talk about cheating? I understand that cheating is a serious issue, but it can’t be as scarring as domestic violence. That’s right, I’m still bitter about her comments about Chris Brown and the fact she didn’t extend a hand out to him to help him out. I know Oprah has had that ass beat but if she’s all about empowering women, then that woulda been the perfect time to GRILL Chris Breezy about what’s messed up in his head. I’m pretty sure women would have appreciated it too. But Chris Brown prolly attracts a younger demographic than who Oprah normally caters to. With Tiger and Elin, they are both middle aged couple with children…cha-ching. Fuck Oprah...yeah I said it. Here is a video of another slore than Tiger ran through…this has to be the most pathetic:

I don’t understand why people fall in love with someone that is married. IF THEY ARE CURRENTLY IN A RELATIONSHIP AND THEY ARE CHEATING THEY ARE AUTOMATICALLY NO GOOD!!! They have no integrity. They spouse can’t trust them, but you can? As Ed Lover would say: C’Mon Son!!! If they aren’t single don’t wife/hubby them. Wait till they end their current relationship before you end up lookin like a fool at the end.


  1. Good brother I must say, you keep me thoroughly entertained during a long work week. The Street Fighter joke was genius

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