Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pilots blame traffic controllers for overshooting airport

Talk about typical Americans…typical humans. The pilots that were too distracted and flew past the destination airport are tryin to blame the traffic controllers for not properly reachin them. What the fuck else were the controllers supposed to do? Call the pilots on their cell phones? Maybe shoot them an email since the pilots “were on their laptops” anyways. I mean who really buys that bullshit? There is no way you can be so engaged on your laptop that you zone out on the radio. I mean they claimed to be having a discussion about the new Delta-NWA merger so they obliviously didn’t have any hearing issues. I honestly think they were fuckin. They shoulda gave them a spermalizer test and made sure these wasn’t any residue on their mouths or rectums. Because what else could be more embarrassing than being a gay pilot fuckin on the job? I don’t by the “sleeping” excuse because there really isn’t enough time for them to be sleeping...not like it was an international flight and that had ample rest already. Anyways, I hope they are fired because this issue is beyond just overshooting their destination. They lost radio contact as well. The Air Force was about to get involved and send jets to intercept the plane. They certainly endangered the well being of the passengers and I wouldn’t feel safe knowing they are the pilots of my flight.

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