Monday, January 4, 2010

Flying isn't fun anymore

CONTINENTAL AIRLINES STIKES AGAIN!!! Fuck that airline…and fuck United. They cancelled my flight to Buffalo from Chicago, yet had flights to cities in Ohio and Rochester, NY which is just an hour away. So airlines to avoid: Continental, United, and Air Tran. Cities to avoid connections: Chicago (O’Hare) and Atlanta. In other flyin news, it appears that the Arabs are off the “people you should be afraid to fly with list” and it’s back to the niggas again. More specifically, the Africans. Even more specific, the Nigerians. Even more very specific, those radical Muslims. I mean, I don’t understand how settin yourself on fire is supposed to bring down a plane…makes me wonder if this was a real attack. You know how the government likes to use fear to get their agenda pushed. I mean in light of the kid getting on the plane with “explosives” in his pants, the TSA is now going to install those full body scanners at various airports. Remember when they were first proposed but there was a lot of push back because of privacy issues? I bet nobody cares about someone seein their tits now…I mean the kid didn’t even get onto the flight in America so what good would the scanners have been? I think it was all a clever ploy. When you can’t force something down someone’s throat, you coax it down...just ask Mark Zuckerberg about stripping privacy while telling the users you’ve increased security. It all started back in August when Hilary Clinton was in Nigeria talkin about al Qaeda may set up shop in Nigeria and 4 months later – BAM! A Nigerian terrorist. I’ll be watchin as this story continues to unfold because it’s gonna be bad news. Whether for Americans or Nigerians (or both) we have yet to see.

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